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About Us

When you walk into Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery and Crafts, you find a lot more than thread, fabric and sewing machines. You find family, community and sometimes Dallas, the well-behaved shop dog. Beyond the family and the dog, you also find well-trained, knowledgeable staff who will sit down and teach you how to use your new machine, or how to do a certain stitch. “We love what we do and we believe in what we do,” said Mary Lynn Clark.

Mary Lynn, Crissi, and owner/operator Shannon Burns are just a few people who can assist you at the locally-owned and operated Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts in downtown Georgetown, Kentucky. Classes are also offered on a regular basis. “All classes are taught by high-quality teachers; we have samples for every class we teach,” said Shannon Burns, new owner-operator of Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts. “We will sit down with you and teach you. We will support you and assist you in every way we can,” said Shannon.

Not only does Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts offer quilting classes and supplies, they also offer embroidery machines, supplies and classes. Crissi, daughter of the former owner of Birdsong, has graciously decided to stay on as staff and teach private embroidery lessons on Brother embroidery machines. “Crissi has been with the business for almost two years and will carry forward her experience,” said owner, Shannon Burns. “She is an artist and brings a lot of creativity to our fabric section.”

Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts strives to provide a good customer experience within a community of crafters. “We have a strong community with a quest to learn their craft,” said Shannon. “We have a Sit N’ Sew every Tuesday where quilters and embroiderers get together and have a sewing experience together. We want to create a community,” Shannon said.

Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts also has a faith-based community who meet once a month for Bible study at the store. “We want to be a welcoming atmosphere for everyone because sewing can be an emotional thing to do,” Shannon said. “You don’t just sew, there is emotion behind it whether it be a memorial quilt, an art quilt, or a beautiful pieced gift for others.”

Birdsong has moved into a new, downtown location with more space and even more to offer. “We want to grow our community, answer your questions and teach you any quilting or embroidery technique you would like to learn,” said Shannon. Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts is just a short drive from just about anywhere in Central Kentucky, making it a great stop on your next “Shop Hop”. Come on over and experience a great quilting and embroidery community!